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My name is Shock...and I'll put a shock to ya system
...Like the boy in the bubble who never could adapt...I'm trapped
I have a 1 year old loving, playfull boy,he's always getting… 
18th-Jan-2015 04:09 pm
I have a 1 year old loving, playfull boy,he's always getting into things and loves to play with his brother who is younger,smokey is his big brother and is always looking out for him. I couldn't ask for a better cat he's a huge lover,and he is my world. Well him and his brother got into my sewing kit and smokey ate some thread,and now he is laying in the hospital and needs  immediate surgery,the thread is wrapped around his belly and if it's not removed he will die. I can't afford the whole surgery ,so if I can't come up with the money they will let him die... He's still a baby and has his whole life to get into trouble,thank you so much for taking the time to read my fiancé and I story,and all your help any little bit helps..

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